Everton vs Hull

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Everton vs Hull - Page 9 Empty Re: Everton vs Hull

Post  Albert on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 1:29 pm

Gravy & Chips wrote:Bored of it all now.

With the baby on the way I will not be renewing next year, I was 50/50 but that game just tipped me over the edge.

What fucking game was Bobby watching?  Besic was the only one trying to get forward and Ossie was blowing for tugs after 60 mins and he leaves him on.

McGeady has been shite for 3 games on the bounce and he brings that fucker on before Eto'o.

Jags trying an inch perfect pass when Besic is free next to him and this caused the breakway for them to score.

Distin is knackered, he was struggling with 1 game a week and he has just played 3 in 7 days.  I have never seen him get raped so much in one game before ever.

Once again we are the Charity side, lost the last 4, play us to get a point.
Haven't scored since September 2013, here's the ball have a go!


You've gotta have a hobby though gravy

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Everton vs Hull - Page 9 Empty Re: Everton vs Hull

Post  Goodison_Gringo on Thu 04 Dec 2014, 2:56 pm

hairberto cataract wrote:
Sefton wrote:
Sack the Juggler wrote:
Sefton wrote:
Bluejagz wrote:
Knight of Thorgothshire wrote:
Dixie Land wrote:
Bluejagz wrote:
Sack the Juggler wrote:
Bluejagz wrote:3 games in six days..City away next..fucked
if we raise our game and beat city I'll be fucking pissed off.... like we can't be arsed to play against the shit teams... although obviously if City can't be arsed against the shit team we might get a point

At this rate we look like being 20 points worse off then last season. And if I hear something positive coming out of Martinez's mouth after this shite……..

Its time he came out angry for once.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez:
"In the first half we did enough to win the game, but you don't win games with one-goal margins.

" I'm incredibly proud of the effort of the players. In the second half we were disrupted - Leighton Baines got a knock to the nose and got punished when Hull got the goal and we didn't have the energy to get the winning goal.

"With the number of games it's incredibly high - the effort and character was magnificent. They came here with a clear approach - a lot of energy and made it difficult to break them down. Hull were ruthless in taking their chance."

He is turning into Brendan fucking Rodgers.
Shocking to read that nonsense. Utter crap. Clueless.

You don't win games with one-goal margins!!?? What the fuck Bobby. The effort was magnificent but we didnt have enough energy! Contradicting yourself there. Is he ever not happy!?

The effort was magnificent, what fucking effort? We were clueless, Bobby brings on Pienaar who looked not interested (for Mirralas) takes off the 0nly player showing interest in Besic ,Ross  Barkley should be dropped, gave the ball away far to many times , Lukaku scores again but goes missing most of the game.

Did I watch a different game to Bobby ?

Are team is aging fast and its telling on the pitch, only Barkley /Besic and Lukaku were under 30, any wonder we had no energy at the end.

Sef - your before and after posts are so different! Very Happy

before the game your comments are almost like Martinez's post match comments cheers

STJ, would you have predicted a draw before kick off? , I think its called being shocked at how poor we played against a poor opposition, at least I'm saying how it was rather than looking through Martinez rose tinted glasses.

True.  That game was bad enough, really depressing, but Bobby's comments afterwards have just tipped me over the edge. I've had enough of his bullshit. I know that's his style, but it's really starting to grate on me now.  Okay, you don't have to bollock your players in public, but you don't have talk such utter nonsense that it's clear you're bullshitting.  He should have just said fuck all. Most worrying though is that we do seem to have been sussed out now, and Bobby doesn't know how to tweak our system to make us less fucking obvious.

I agree with that but I've always kind of given him the benefit of the doubt with his post-match comments. He is speaking in his second language and although he's pretty fluent and has been here for years, he isn't perfect. A lot of the times he doesn't make sense gramatically. When he does his interviews on the spot, despite his experience, he still has his ´go to phrases´. Perhaps someone should have a word and tell him he´s talking shite. Thing is we didn't notice so much last year when we wereplaying well.

Anyway, the season is over now (Sef Wink ). Summer is coming (for me) and I'm gonna take a break and get busy living, starting with Saturday when I down to the beach for the weekend. A sure sign we will twat City on their own patch.

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