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Wolves v Everton

Rotterdam 1985
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Post  SEFTON Tue 02 Nov 2021, 10:11 am

Rotterdam 1985 wrote:
Knight of Thorgothshire wrote:The fight-back on the pitch was nice BUT I was so pissed that no one came to assist Gordon when he was being shoved in the chest twice by Dondecker towards the end of the game! He clearly realized that he was 6 inches taller and some 40 pounds heavier than Gordon and saw it as an opportunity to go after the smaller dude, like a bully. No one stood up for Gordon - very disappointing! Godfrey and Holgate, to name just two, should have gone over there and get in Dondecker's face.

Have I mentioned how much I hate backpasses btw? Rolling Eyes

Scariest thing about the backpass wasn't what Godfrey did, although that was really bad. It was the total lack of urgency and awareness from Holgate, who didn't seem to realise that it was going to be short, and that Jiminez was 3 yards away from him and on the move.

Than in itself is the reason Holgate should never wear Everton shirt again,
later in the game he just charged at the Wolves player with the only thoughts in his head
he will be on the bench next week. he's certainly one needs to move on along with Awobie.

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