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Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini)

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Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini) - Page 11 Empty Re: Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini)

Post  hairy cataract Sat 28 Jan 2012, 7:36 am

The President wrote:I wish we played like Spain

But that aint going to happen

Yes we can (and hopefully will) play better.

But at this moment in time for Everton - a win is a win cheers cheers cheers

I think I'm so used to being negative now that I don't know how to be positive. I think its called "Toffeewebitis". To be fair, at least Stracq put in a shift, we did get loads of corners, and we did dominate the game. Can't really complain. Looking forward to the 5th round draw now.
hairy cataract
hairy cataract

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Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini) - Page 11 Empty Re: Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini)

Post  Yankthattoffee Sat 28 Jan 2012, 12:51 pm

mindyerho? wrote:Anybody go?
The feedback on twitter is more positive than you lot.... Very Happy

Yeah, I went. You wanna know something?
Pip cannot do a step over.
Duffy seems to have huge feet.
Heitinga is still a wuss.
Baines needs help, and he ain't getting any from Guaye.
Now we know why the Mancky fans wanted to drive Gibson here. Has a gait like Dave Watson, but that's it. He can run fairly fast but needs quite a wind up.
Donovan is a great addition, and although quiet for the first 20 minutes or so, did cause a bit of a nuisance. I hope Coley is watching him and learning.
Cahill has nothing left but a big heart.
I'm glad the Big Fella scored as he needed a bit of a lift.
The Straq is not gifted but if you're going to play hoofball, he's ya man. He'll win most aerial challenges, unlike Vic. Point him goalwards, and you have a chance of either a goal or a memorable moment like tackling with his head. Give him a bolt gun and you have Anton Chigurh ready to happen. He will soon develop a reputation of running through brick walls for the cause, and that upsets pretty young CBs. Ugly football on 2 legs.

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Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini) - Page 11 Empty Re: Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini)

Post  Dixie Land Sat 28 Jan 2012, 1:54 pm

I went last night and thought that we looked pretty good to be honest, although Fulham offered absolutely nothing.

I thought that Stracqualursi was an improvement on Saha, not hard though I suppose, his movement upfront caused trouble for the Fulham back 4 and he showed reall willing to win the ball. He obviously is not the most gifted player in the world but he worked hard and deserved his goal.

I thought that Gueye, Baines and Fellaini played some nice triangular passes which we haven't seen at Goodison since Pienaar went to chase the quick buck. I thought that Gueye looked pretty promising even though Baines did sit back more than he normally does. Baines had a pretty poor game to be honest and he gave the ball away a few times but I can forgive this due to him being our best player in 90% of games.

I thought that Fellaini was awesome. He always makes himself available for a pass and he rarely gives the ball away. He broke up the majority of their attacks before they got to our back 4.

I would give these ratings for the players:

Howard 6- Did not really have much to do but looked confident. I thought that the mix up between him and Heitinga was his fault as he ran too quickly and would have been out of the box when the ball got to him.

Neville 5- He made a few mistakes and gave the ball away a few times. His tackling wasn't bad but I still think that Hibbert is a better option at right back.

Baines 5- Could not play his normal attacking role due to the inexperienced Gueye playing infront of him. He did seem sloppy at times and gave the ball away under no pressure a few times.

Heitinga 6- He is short for a centre half but he won most headers and won some key tackles.

Duffy 6- He cleared the ball several times with his head and also won some crunching tackles. His distribution was not great and he tried a clever sidewards header to Heitinga once when he should have just cleared it. He will learn but looks good.

Gueye 6- He could do with being a bit faster but he tried to take on the Fulham fullback a few times (which Bily never did) and played some nice passes with Baines and Fellaini. Not the finished article but could be a useful player.

Donovan 6- Was quiet in the first half but I think that was due to Fulham marking him tightly. He often had 3 players around him as they must have seem him as our main threat. He came into the game in the 2nd half as Fulham tired and he played a few good crosses into the box.

Fellaini 8- He always made himself available for a pass and moved to make himself available whenever we had a throw in. His passing was excellent as usual but he rarely goes for a long pass or through ball. He deserved his goal.

Cahill 5- Worked his socks off and almost scored with a header but never really got into the game.

Gibson 4- Never got into the game at all. His passing was poor and I can't remember him running with the ball at all. Gibbo seems to stay within the centre circle and looked afraid to be playing. He would have got a 3 but he won a great crunching tackle towards the end of the game which lifted the crowd and team.

Stracqualursi 6- His movement made him difficult to mark, I aren't sure if tthis movement is delibrate or not but it caused problems. He worked hard throughout the game and won the majority of headers. He is very good at winning the ball in the air and flicking the ball on but as he was playing upfront alone we had nobody getting on the end of them.


Drenthe 5- His appearance lifted the crowd but he didn't have much time to do anything. He did a few good runs and won a few freekicks (one was a perfectly good tackle but that is Howard Webb for you).

Anichebe 5- He worked hard when he came on and closed down the defenders whenever they had the ball. Everton were winning when he came on so we weren't really looking to get the ball to the striker when Victor came on.

Dixie Land
Dixie Land

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Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini) - Page 11 Empty Re: Everton 2 Fulham 1 (Stracqualursi, Fellaini)

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