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Chelsea 1 Everton 1 (Beckford)

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Chelsea 1 Everton 1 (Beckford) - Page 12 Empty Re: Chelsea 1 Everton 1 (Beckford)

Post  Statman on Sun 05 Dec 2010, 10:27 pm

The President wrote:Was it a penalty?

Daily Mirror : The game eventually exploded into action in the 40th minute when Nicola Anelka raced through on goal only to be rugby tackled by Tim Howard in the penalty area.
Daily Record : They broke the deadlock in 42 minutes when Nicholas Anelka pounced on a poor back pass from Phil Neville and was brought down by Tim Howard
Morning Star : The Everton goalkeeper upended Nicolas Anelka after the Frenchman raced onto a dreadful back pass from Phil Neville.
Click Liverpool : The Frenchman knocked the ball around Howard and clattered into him expertly persuading referee Lee Probert to point to the spot
Daily Star : Drogba’s strike partner Nicolas Anelka seized the moment and headed for goal. Howard leapt from his line and collided with the Chelsea striker for a definite penalty – and nailed -on dismissal
The Sun : Anelka pounced on a poor back pass from Neville and was brought down by Howard, with Probert opting to show the keeper yellow instead of red
BBC : There was no doubt about the decision to award the spot kick after Howard clumsily brought down Anelka following an atrocious attempted backpass from Toffees skipper Phil Neville

David Moyes : "I've had a chance to see it - the goalie can't get out of the way so you could say 'is it or is it not' but if it was me I'd want a penalty kick for it,"
The Independent : Everton received the benefit of any doubt a few minutes before the interval when Howard blocked Anelka to concede a penalty but was allowed to stay on the pitch

Well most of them were watching a different game.
Howard did not move. Anelka ran at him.

Alternatively, it is in their interests for Chelsea to win to keep the race to the title more alive.

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Chelsea 1 Everton 1 (Beckford) - Page 12 Empty Re: Chelsea 1 Everton 1 (Beckford)

Post  El Pablo on Mon 06 Dec 2010, 1:25 pm

From the Guardian:


2) The failure to cease to exist is an infringement and shall be punished with the award of a free-kick or, if within the 18-yard box, a penalty.

Nicolas Anelka hares into the penalty area, and the Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard comes out to close him down. They have a momentary standoff, when only a few yards apart, before Anelka pushes the ball to one side of the American. And then – absurdly – he doesn't run in that direction, towards the ball, at all. Instead he charges straight at Howard, who is nowhere near the ball and never has been, clatters into him, and wins a penalty.

Clearly if Anelka had run towards the ball and Howard had blocked his path, it would have been a clear foul. But that was not what happened. Indeed, the only way that Howard could have avoided making contact with Anelka when the fleet-footed Frenchman sprinted right into him would have been by spontaneously ceasing to exist, or potentially by transforming into a mole and digging quickly. Clearly this is what the referee, Lee Probert, was looking for in this instance.

It is a frequent annoyance that a player running with the ball need only knock it past his opponent and then run into him to win a free-kick. Players shouldn't deliberately obstruct an opponent, but nor can they be expected to evaporate at their rival's convenience. It is what could be called football's Platform Nine and Three-Quarters Law. For anyone mercifully unfamiliar with the Harry Potter novels, our wizardly hero discovers there is a wall in London's Kings Cross station which, if you run at it fast and with absolute conviction, turns out not to exist and you speed straight through it with a pleasant whooshing sound. Footballers, however, continue to exist no matter what speed you're going when you run into them, and shouldn't necessarily be punished for it.

Another thing that infuriates me, now I'm on a roll, is the law that states any offence committed on a player who has just missed a goalscoring opportunity is not actually a foul. So if a keeper rushes out of his goal to put a striker off and, before the ball arrives, clatters right into him, it's a penalty. If the clattering occurs just after the ball has flown over the striker's head, perhaps while a full-back is clearing it merrily upfield, it is ignored. The Chelsea match provided a perfect example of this when a second-half low cross skidded across the six-yard box and just out of Ashley Cole's reach at the far post. A fraction of a second later, with the ball still in play, Seamus Coleman arrived from behind and totally took Cole out. Absolute, cast-iron, nailed-on penalty any day of the week.

And thus, with two penalty decisions in the space of a single game, was the swings-and-roundabouts argument of football fortunes proven once again
El Pablo
El Pablo

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